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Its water-based formula gives you optimal lubrication and more pleasure. Its balanced pH prevents irritation and dryness.

How to use: If vaginal dryness occurs, it can be used daily in a preventive way (not only if you are going to have sex), applying a little at the entrance of the vaginal canal, stimulating your body to generate more lubrication and avoid discomfort of dryness.

Sex Machine Siena
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Sex Machine Siena

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The perfect sex machine will no longer be needed. This is the most powerful, portable, silent and easy to use that allows you to enjoy your sexuality without limits. It has a universal power adapter that leaves 100% of its ability to get orgasms.

Characteristics of the Sex Machine Siena

Electrical and mechanical pressure: DC 12 v

Machine power: 40W

Machine function: climbing before and after the push.

Thrust speed: 0.415 / minute

Pushing force: 35kg

Penetration distance: 6cm scale.

Size: 40*15*20cm

Weight: 3.5kg

Angle adjustment: multi-function angle adjustment, 90 degree angles

Mechanical and electrical power source: use 100-240V universal power, built-in transformer power and speed control knob.

pin type connector

Sex Machine Pisa Interactivo - Reacciona A Tokens

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The Pisa Fucking Machine is the traditional, reliable and very talented friend of your life, with this machine you will be able to demand your imagination give the maximum in each show.

Its checkered appearance will not attract so much attention, so that you are the center of each show, it is very compact and easy to use.

In your room, in a private webcam show, a night with special friends, it doesn't matter, because wherever this penetration machine is, it will take you where no man can, because his penetration speed is unmatched.

A Combination of the vibrator and the Controller gives you the Perfect Mix, use the suction cups to fix your sex machine on a flat surface and voila!

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White / Premium White

Made of high quality nylon

Works well to diffuse light from any Flash / Strobe Light and Constant Light

White: produces a neutral color temperature

Lightweight and easy to set up

Premium UMBRELLA Translucent White Snow Reflector

Shaft diameter: 8mm

Adjustable light head for the perfect stream of light to your object

Reflect and diffuse the flow of light evenly

Eliminate glare and spots


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For pleasant and painless anal sex!

Enjoy fully anal penetration, thanks to its natural extracts that facilitate penetration and reduce sensitivity, helping to relax and enjoy without pain, its water-based formula provides prolonged lubrication and is compatible with toys and condoms.