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Price 8,23 $
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Spanking paddle with rigid grip and animal print engraving.


Width: 6.3cm

Overall length: 32cm

Colour: Black

Material: Imitation leather

weights: 92 grams


Price 25,77 $
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Metal plug for anal use with extension at the base of small chains that form a tail.


Material: Steel

Color: Gray and Gold

Total length: 30 cm

Total length of chains: 24 cm

Plug length: 6 cm

Insertable length: 5.5 cm

Plug circumference: 7.5 cm

Látigo Mabry

Price 12,87 $
Availability: 9999 In Stock

Mabry whip, sado and pleasure

Although it may seem like a very strong sex toy, whips are ideal for turning up the temperature to the level you want.

Whether strong or soft, dominance and/or submission share the characteristic of mutual enjoyment and pleasure without limits or rules.

The Mabry Whip is perfect to start in the sado world and explore new sensations. Practical, precise and delicate.

Characteristics of the Mabry Whip:

Colour: black.

Material: synthetic leather.

Látigo Kent

Price 10,04 $
Availability: 9999 In Stock

Increase passion with the Kent Whip

BDSM practices are increasingly latent in sexual life, they allow us to get out of the routine and find new ways of giving and receiving pleasure.

It is increasingly common to find people who are open to this possibility. The Kent Whip is one of the essential tools when entering this sexual world.

Characteristics of the Kent Whip:

Colour: black.

Material: synthetic leather.


Total length: 133 cm.

Handle length: 17cm

Fringe length: 21 cm

Whip length without handle: 89 cm

Látigo Pleasure Whip Black

Price 19,58 $
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Whip for a fetish night with small decorative hearts.

Each point of this punishing whip will make it very clear who is in charge.


Colour: Black

Material: Imitation leather

Overall length: 40cm