White / Premium White

Made of high quality nylon

Works well to diffuse light from any Flash / Strobe Light and Constant Light

White: produces a neutral color temperature

Lightweight and easy to set up

Premium UMBRELLA Translucent White Snow Reflector

Shaft diameter: 8mm

Adjustable light head for the perfect stream of light to your object

Reflect and diffuse the flow of light evenly

Eliminate glare and spots


2.10M high-quality high-output studio floor standing light

Solid 3-stage leg safety

Light weight: easy to move

Industrial standard mounting bolt

Solid locking system for lightweight security

Adjustable height Max 2.10M


Single bulb socket head on / off switch

Adjustable Angle Cord; 110V

Perfect for your umbrella photo holder, slave flash or light bulbs.

Easy to install: Mount your slave on the swivel adapter and then attach it to any of the standard mounting light brackets.

On / off switch

The maximum power can be used 105W energy saving bulb

E26 / E27 Lamp Base x1

Code and plug included (9 feet)

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