The Pisa Fucking Machine is the traditional, reliable and very talented friend of your life, with this machine you will be able to demand your imagination give the maximum in each show.

Its checkered appearance will not attract so much attention, so that you are the center of each show, it is very compact and easy to use.

In your room, in a private webcam show, a night with special friends, it doesn't matter, because wherever this penetration machine is, it will take you where no man can, because his penetration speed is unmatched.

A Combination of the vibrator and the Controller gives you the Perfect Mix, use the suction cups to fix your sex machine on a flat surface and voila!

The machine can be available to you all night without rest, all you need is to connect the machine to the light socket and it will be available for your wildest nights.


Can be tilted at an angle of 85 degrees

Speed ​​from 0 to 450 penetrations per minute

Weight: 3.5 kg

4 fixing points with suction cup for flat surfaces

Adjustable speed.

Always use it with lubricant! We recommend 500 ml natural lubricant.

Recommendation: Use a maximum of 30 continuous minutes and let it rest, before resuming again.

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