The Hitachi Domi Lovense Vibrator is still significantly smaller and super powerful than other vibrators in its category, Domi 2 has now improved its design, thus ensuring a more secure and comfortable grip, and a simpler user experience.

Its unique dual-rotation head technology allows it to consistently maintain a high power level without using cables.

Precisely control the intensity of its vibrations, whether because you like it soft like a caress or strong and intense, you can always find the best point to climax with the Domi Lovense 2.

This is the only fully adjustable Wand. Get full control of the vibration range. Its software allows you to choose the level you need.

Product characteristics:

Measurements: 23.3 cm long and 4.4 cm wide.

Material: body safe silicone.

Powerful vibrations. (3 levels of vibration)

10 preset patterns for vibration, and you can create unlimited patterns of your choice.

Resistant to splashing water.

Rechargeable via USB charging. (Up to 6 hours of continuous use)

All Lovense toys connect directly to a PC using the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter)

Download the compatible Lovense Remote application for Google Play and App Store and use the toy at short and long distances, synchronize its vibrations with your favorite music, you can activate its vibrations through sound.

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