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Bala Vibradora Interactiva con App Ella Svakom

Price 444.900,00 $
Availability: 9999 In Stock


Material: Body Safe Ultra Soft Silicone

Size: Φ3.3cm in diameter


Charging time: 1 hour

Using time: 2 hours

A waterproof

Vibration modes: 11

Application: Ella App By Svakom

1 year warranty

Now you can have fun with your phone! Experience the best of tech fun with a whole new feel.

Vibrador Bonnie Svakom

Price 361.900,00 $
Availability: 9999 In Stock


Product Name: Bonnie

Material: ultra soft silicone + body resistant ABS.

Size: Φ 4.8 cm in diameter by 19.8 cm in length.

Weight: 128g

Battery type: lithium polymer battery

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Using time: 3 hours

Water repellency: 100% waterproof

Vibration modes: 10 + 1

Ideal for the clitoris, G-spot stimulation and the nipples

Super flexible small head to use at any angle

1 year warranty

Vibrador Térmico Anya Svakom

Price 407.900,00 $
Availability: 9999 In Stock


Name: Anya

Material: Environmental friendly silicone.

Heating function 38 ° c

Size: Φ 3.3 cm in diameter and 19.5 cm in length.

Weight: 140g



Vibration modes: 6

Intensities: 5

Charging time: 1 hour

Use time: 3 hours

1 year warranty

Plug Anal Vibrador Vick Svakom

Price 389.900,00 $
Availability: 9999 In Stock

The Vick anal plug offers 7 vibration modes with 5 intensity levels, plus SVAKOM's smart mode. It has 35 different ways to get you to climax, from start to finish and best of all, you can control it remotely up to a range of 5 meters.


Powerful prostate and perineum massager.

Adjustable to your body

Soft head for easy insertion

Environmentally friendly material.

Size: Φ 2.6 cm in diameter and 10 cm in length.

Distance range: Up to 5 meters


Splash proof

Vibration modes: 7

Intensities 5

Charging time: 1 hour

Use time: 2 hours