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Bala Vibradora Interactiva con App Ella Svakom

Price 513.900,00 $
Availability: 9999 In Stock


Material: Body Safe Ultra Soft Silicone

Size: Φ3.3cm in diameter


Charging time: 1 hour

Using time: 2 hours

A waterproof

Vibration modes: 11

Application: Ella App By Svakom

1 year warranty

Now you can have fun with your phone! Experience the best of tech fun with a whole new feel.

Huevo Vibrador Elva Svakom

Price 359.900,00 $
Availability: 10 In Stock

The Svakom Elva has 5 different modes and 5 intensities in each mode, in addition to a smart mode that exerts a pleasant unique vibration frequency throughout the entire process from beginning to orgasm. Click the "S" button to start a wonderful sexual journey. From warm up to multiple climaxes, it's a heavenly sexual experience that you shouldn't miss out on. Despite Elva's small size, she lives up to her strongest wishes.


Body-safe silicone material.

Size: φ3.4cm x 8cm

Weight: 93g

Battery type: lithium polymer battery

Charging time: 1 hour

Maximum continuous use: 2 hours

Vibration modes: 5 + 1 (smart)

Intensities: 5


1 year warranty

Vibrador Alice Svakom

Price 385.900,00 $
Availability: 99999 In Stock

Characteristics :

Material: body safe silicone.

Size: Total length 17.6 cm and 3 cm in diameter.

Weight: 105g

Battery type: lithium polymer battery

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Maximum continuous use: 2 hours

Vibration modes: 7 + 1

Intensities: 5

Water repellency: 100% waterproof.

Alice has 7 different vibration types and 5 vibration intensities for her to combine the best functions, more in the smart SVAKOM mode that greatly mimics the entire sexual process from foreplay to climax. Just press the S button, a wonderful sexual journey awaits you. That is, the toy itself will increase the intensity of the vibration for a better user experience.

Anillo Vibrador Para El Pene Tyler Svakom

Price 332.900,00 $
Availability: 10 In Stock


Material: body safe silicone

Size: 8cm length and 4.2cm diameter (Inner diameter: 2.9cm)

Weight: 31gr

Charging time: 1 hour

Maximum continuous use: 1 hour

Water repellency: 100% waterproof

Vibration modes: 5

Tyler is a vibrating ring designed for couples with an intimate and adventurous lifestyle. Tyler not only helps prolong a man's stamina, but also helps stimulate a Woman's clitoris with a soft, contoured pad made of body-safe silicone nodules that increase stimulation.

Huevo Masturbador Svakom Hedy

Price 26.900,00 $
Availability: 10 In Stock


5 approximate uses.

Softer and thicker.

Waterproof design, easy to clean and use.

Small package made for easy and discreet transport / intense feel and excellent stretch, fits multiple sizes.

There are 3 different textures for you to try one by one.

The internal structure feels like a woman's vagina. Its size is compact and discreet, so you can take it wherever you want.

Apply enough lubricant to ensure the best experience.

Anillo Vibrador We Vibe Pivot

Price 514.900,00 $
Availability: 9999 In Stock


Material: Silicone

Vibration mode: 10 + creations in the app

Battery: usb rechargeable lithium ion

Charging time: 90 minutes

Usage time: Up to 120 minutes

Dimensions: Total length 7.1cm x diameter 3.1cm


We- Connect

  It includes:

Usb charging cable

Sample We-Vibe Lube lubricant.

User Guide (Instruction Manual)