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Repuesto Ozil Sex Machine

Price 68.900,00 $
Availability: 9999 In Stock

Spare Dildo For Fucking Machine - Sex Machine

The spare parts are perfect because you can change the traditional dildo that comes with your machine and have a wide variety of options when using it.

Ozil Sex Machine Spare Features

Skin color

flexible dildos

It has an internal vertebra and an internal nucleus.

Compatible with sex machine extensions. Check here.

Compatible with all our Sex Machines, except: Sex Machine Alondra and Sex Machine Philip


Full Length: 22cm

Insertable length: 19cm

Diameter: 4cm

Sex Machine Siena

Price 918.900,00 $
Availability: 9999 In Stock

The perfect sex machine will no longer be needed. This is the most powerful, portable, silent and easy to use that allows you to enjoy your sexuality without limits. It has a universal power adapter that leaves 100% of its ability to get orgasms.

Characteristics of the Sex Machine Siena

Electrical and mechanical pressure: DC 12 v

Machine power: 40W

Machine function: climbing before and after the push.

Thrust speed: 0.415 / minute

Pushing force: 35kg

Penetration distance: 6cm scale.

Size: 40*15*20cm

Weight: 3.5kg

Angle adjustment: multi-function angle adjustment, 90 degree angles

Mechanical and electrical power source: use 100-240V universal power, built-in transformer power and speed control knob.

pin type connector

Sex Machine Gauss

Price 730.900,00 $
Availability: 9999 In Stock

Fucking Machine - Sex Machine For Web Cam


Material: Plastic, metal, TPR

Colour: Black

weight: 1.5KG

voltage: DC-14V

The Sex Machine comes equipped with a remote control adjustable speed, so you can choose your ideal level of thrust. The angle and height of penetration can be quickly adjusted with easy rotary controls located on the frame. It comes with two screws that allow for instant adjustment.

Your fucking machine is ready for action in a matter of minutes, its movements are very fine to make a delicate but powerful thrust, its compact, lightweight, and versatile design is ideal for web cams, it operates quietly and is ideal for those who They seek discretion.